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    My advice to Howard Dean (if he wants to run in 2008): kiss and make up with the moderates in the party.

    To win, he has to run both an unconventional internet campaign AND a conventional GOTV campaign.

    And to run an effective conventional campaign? You need minorities, elderly voters, and yes, moderates.

    Kerry won the primaries because he carried a reasonable minority of liberals, a plurality of moderates, and a reasonable minority of conservatives.

    Flex your moderate-to-conservative credentials. Speak at the DLC. Talk about fiscal responsibility. Talk about gun control. Talk about the role of morality in your decision making.

    But in all of this, never lose your passion and truthfulness.

    Caution! These are shark-infested waters!

    by Jonathan4Dean on Wed Nov 17, 2004 at 10:42:07 PM PST

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