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    jj32, Wolf Of Aquarius

    dumb. Why is Gitmo still open? The senate just blocked the money to close it down for one, and 70% of americans do not want it closed, and the President is still going to get it done by next year.

    Why are the troops in Iraq still? Get real. We are getting out in an organized fashion not just dropping our weapons on the ground and running to the Kuwait got a problem with being organized and saving lives?

    Photos withheld is a sure sign that our democracy is over...right.

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      bush showed how a president can act w/o worrying about congress--where there's a will, there's a way.  planning to keep troops in the deserts of iraq is cheneyesque --we'll still be there recruiting terrorists to come to our shores.  the crusades left a mark that no christian nation can ignore.

      is your last line sarcastic, or just "dumb"--as in correct?  too many excuses in too short of a time--obama seems to be placating the evils right now--and those aren't the people who elected him.

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