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  •  Well, it would be a pretty long wait... (2+ / 0-)
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    askew, Oothoon order the pizza from a different county, much less a different state!

    The suggestion that senate staffers should, instead of doing other work on their plates, spend time on the telephone with folks from outside their state is something I find self-indulgent to the extreme.

    I mean, should they also spend their time that way each time Rush Limbaugh and Fox News seek to flood the Capitol phone lines? Truth is, they do it, and generate far more calls, more frequently and in greater numbers than progressive networks have so far been able to achieve.

    I frankly found this diary to be a childish "it's all about ME ME ME" rant that seems aimed to self-justify the diarist's idea that calling Congress is a sufficient citizen activity for change.

    The time spent typing this tantrum could have been spent calling five friends to get them to one of the Organizing for America health care meetings happinging in 10,000 locations across the country this Saturday. Case closed!

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      conchita, Cassandra77, polar bear

      It's not about "ME ME ME" the diary raises an excellent question about the role that the Representatives and Senators in Washington have with respect to the entire country.  

      I think there can be a distinction made when Senators serve on committees in charge of legislation that affects the entire country.  They should at least listen to what the people want since they so often say in their remarks "The American People" in justifying their point of view.  On Senator Kerry's own web page:

      Comprehensive health care reform is the great unfinished business of the last half-century in America.

      Hmm.. seems to think this is an American issue not a MA issue.

      We need our health care system to provide meaningful, affordable coverage to every single person in this country, but we also need to deal with escalating costs and the erratic quality of care.

      So if every single person in our country needs health care he will only listen to people from his state?

      We live in the richest country on earth, but our health care system has fallen far behind, failing too many Americans.

      I could go on and on from his web page but I hope you see my point...

      Constituent services? Yes, Senators should only have
      to deal with their direct constituents since each State has 2 Senators (well, MN...) to deal with each state.

      But why should all the citizens who do not have a Senator sitting on a particular committee be silenced from presenting their point of view on important legislation?

      Using your logic, committees should also only hear testimony from experts from their states right?

    •  I went to a HealthCare-Now rally last Saturday. (2+ / 0-)
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      conchita, polar bear

      We demonstrated in front of Blue Cross Blue Shield's Offices.
      And then we heard from The California Nurses Assoc.
      and a member of the Baucus 13.
      It's not about me.
      It's about representation.
      I will be at one of those meetings.
      Will you?

      "I am my own forerunner"

      by Cassandra77 on Wed Jun 03, 2009 at 10:32:29 AM PDT

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