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  •  tallies (none)
    My understanding (quite possibly flawed) is that the precinct votes were submitted via modem to central tallying machines, which then added up the numbers.  The central tallying machines are Windows based, and the program used to tally the votes is essentially Microsoft Access.  The actual code used to program the count is proprietary.

    There are numerous places along the line to hack this.  However, there is no point at which the central computer's results would be checked against the raw vote. UNLESS there's a recount- or "audit".  Yep.  We're safe.

    •  So the official recount-to-be is just that (none)
      taking the raw numbers from each precinct, and adding them up by some normal means that is ordinary people can do themselves.

      I mean, unless they had some kind of Diebold armored car that went around, after they had transmitted the precinct's total (maybe this was all automated ?, with no humanly-visible stopping points along the way <shudder> ) and told the precinct workers, "OK we'll take all those papers, disks, lists, whatever -- go home now"

      Paper trail: old, old principle, from programming, to accounting, to voting...  One would think that any investigation would BEGIN with "Who gave the order to leave no audit trail?"

      What Would Gandhi Do?

      by HenryDavid on Tue Nov 16, 2004 at 01:03:21 AM PST

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