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  •  Not his first try (none)
    Sodrel had run against Hill at least once before unsuccessfully.  

    Sodrel has the good fortune of being part of a wealthy family.  Sodrel trucking has lots of big rigs on the road.  Therefore Sodrel had the money to challenge Hill.

    Also don't forget that much of S. Indiana (except Bloomington) is very Republican country.  Sodrel has always pushed the anti abortion, anti gay agenda.

    I guess the stars just aligned for him -- conservative district, popular president (in that district), social issues at the forefront.

    •  well... (none)
      Sodrel opposed Hill in 2002 and lost 52-48 with virtually zero backing from the national party. Obviously, getting that backing this year made some part of the difference.

      Hill inherited the original 9th, which did not include Bloomington, in 1998 with the retirement of Lee Hamilton. Hamilton, a moderate to conservative Democrat, served from 1964 to 1998. He's highly non-partisan, almost to nasea-inducing levels, but he was pro-choice, pro-education, and all those other lefty causes. Yet, he still managed to get elected 17 times over 34 years in this supposedly GOP strong-hold.

      The truth has been that party matters less (although, GDub seems to be changing that) in this area than economics. Sodrel ran a very blue-collar style campaign, let the national party and a few rabid 527s paint Hill as a commie-pinko-faggot, and he (apparently) squeaked through on a 49.6 to 49.4 margin. Hardly the stuff of a GOP landslide.

      What's troubling is that now he'll have the benefit of incumbency next time. But, he also has the only true Blue city in the state in his district, which may be the difference maker in 2006, provided the Dems find someone that can inspire more than luke-warm support to oppose him.

      Mastering the difference between 'need' and 'greed' will determine humanity's survival.

      by Taylor on Tue Nov 16, 2004 at 10:00:51 AM PST

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    •  Bullcrap, it's not a conservative district... (none)
      Lee Hamilton was Representative here for about 40 years.

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