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View Diary: 9/11 Metastasizing: the Left's Co-Dependency (203 comments)

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  •  wow indeed.. (0+ / 0-)

    You were just hoping to get a few kicks in Heckler's corpse before the show ends. Instead, you learned a bit and got lots to think about.

    Janet Napolitano and John McCain have in recent weeks repeated comments about 9/11 hi-jackers entering the USA from Canada.

    The accuracy of information you get from people who should know and defend the "official conspiracy narrative" is sometimes more shockingly ignorant and laughable than many of the critics.

    The "re-open 9/11" crowd is compromised by the lunatic fringe in it.  That lunatic fringe has already "solved" the mystery and they provide ammunition to the jackals.

    The official narrative supporters are also compromised.  They are compromised by the number of supporters who know very little about the debate, but who pitch in to defend the one story from the Bush years you have to accept to post here.

    You played that role today.

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