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  •  I just LOVE (12+ / 0-)

    the shot early on in the video of the "We Can Do It" poster with the Muslim woman!!!

    I don't know if others have noted this elsewhere, but another thing I found interesting is that ten leading Egyptian dissidents were invited to the speech today. Here's what Al Giordano said about that.

    Actions like their inclusion drive a stake between Al Qaida and potential young recruits from the universities, cities and towns throughout the Muslim regions. No wonder bin Laden – who was raised and educated as a member of the elite in Saudi Arabia, the first stop on the President’s tour - is upset: the Arabian rug is being pulled out from under the future of his violent political prescriptions. In recent decades, groups like Al Qaida have thrived largely because the paths for peaceful means to political change and participation have been blocked by states like Egypt. If the invitation of the dissidents to attend Obama’s speech indicates a path back into democratic participation by legitimate critics and social movements in US-friendly but not-very-democratic states like Egypt (a prospect which remains to be seen) the siren call of violent opposition would soon become no more than a whimper.

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