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    Samulayo, Kylopod

    I would describe myself as a liberal with libertarian tendencies.  This is hard to explain, but I'll try.  

    I believe in social programs as a means to an end, but they shouldn't be self replicating.  In other words any social inequity should be corrected, but once there is equity, the program should be phased out. If a social program isn't showing progress, throwing more money at the problem is a bad idea.

    I don't believe the United States has any obligation to lead the world.  We should take stands on some issues involving human rights, but it isn't our place to govern beyond our own borders.

    I believe we must have laws to govern our nation, but those laws should be made sparingly.  Laws should not be moral statements from the state to the individual.

    I don't agree with the concept of deregulation of companies, as I don't see companies as private citizens.  However I think laws governing companies should only serve to protect the workers and consumers.

    I don't believe in Wall Street as a regulated system.  Government sponsorship of Wall Street is like the government running a casino.  Wall Street serves no practical purpose in the economy.

    I do not believe in the FDIC.  I would rather see banking become part of the treasury, and not a private industry.  I think the extension of credit inflates the cost of goods and services, and creates an illusion of an economy.  Houses would still be built, even if there were no bank holding the title.

    Now, I have some pretty out there views on other ways the government interacts with the people, but I am also grounded in reality.  I accept that there is a difference between ideology and reality.  I believe liberal policies stand a better chance of protecting the rights of individuals, as long as they are measured with reality.

    Conservatism assumes nothing is broken, and that actually seems the more fringe view of the three right now.  The idea of continuing on without significant change seems absurd in the face of the problems we face.

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