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View Diary: Ben Nelson Is "Troubled" (Concerned) (150 comments)

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    Sotomayor is a wonderful candidate, and I think that even ordinary, non-Limbaugh-worshipping conservatives can see that the controversy over the "wise Latina remark" is overblown.


    I heard someone come on Hardball last night and ridicule the idea that affirmative action is controversial. To me, the argument that everyone but a few loons is fine with affirmative action seems to be a self-destructive argument. Chances are, most people actually are OK with at least some level of affirmative action, especially if it's focused on people who are poor, rather than people from a specific race or ethnic group. But, once someone "liberal" starts ridiculing people for thinking the other way, that really wakes up my inner swing voter, and my guess is that it wakes up a lot of swing voters' inner Republicans.

    I think the secret to dealing with this issue is to avoid kneejerk emotional reactions, and instead to rely heavily on focus groups, surveys, etc. to design strategies that win over swing voters, instead of strategies that make true believer Democrats feel more cool.

    If we can expose any part of the Republican Hate Machine that's producing this hate frenzy, THAT would be gold. E.g., if someone can out a lot of the paid Republican message board shills, that would be wonderful.

    But, on the other hand: if someone like Ben Nelson is expressing concerns about this stuff, I think we have to take that concern seriously, not ridicule him for being a concern troll, unless we have great research showing that swing voters want to see us ridicule him.

    Maybe focus groups will say they want us to ridicule anyone who brings up the "wise Latina woman" remark. I doubt it, but, if the focus groups show that, OK, go out and ridicule people.

    My guess is that the best strategy is actually a Ben Nelson/Joe Liberman-based strategy: Find the most conservative possible Democrats, and get them to fall in love with Stomayor.

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