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  •  well, craigslist ain't perfect (3+ / 0-)
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    Journalism issues aside, I wouldn't dismiss the notion of a big-media Craigslist competitor out of hand. They do already have the content (classifieds, though of course these have been dwindling rapidly.) It's a logical business for them to get into and the barriers to entry are not great.

    Many people laughed when Hulu was launched (backed by the entertainment media titans). No one is laughing anymore, and Hulu has not only gathered a huge audience but is a far superior online video experience to YouTube (which was considered the unassailable champion in the space). So the Big Guys can get it right when they want to.

    Craigslist isn't perfect -- far from it. It's functional, yes, but barely so. It's search features and user interface leave much to be desired. And their recent tussles over adult content don't help. So if anything, they're ripe to be dethroned by another player with sufficient content (yes, that would be newspapers) and a better user experience.

    •  Big media might be able to mimic Craigslist (0+ / 0-)

      I think you're's possible that the big media newspaper companies can pull off a national classified Craigslist competitor.  Newspapers like the NY Times have dabbled with all sorts of business models for the online version of the paper, and they know that to reach critical mass they'll need to make most stuff free. They'll need to do the same thing with classifieds, and come up with a model where people can get free ads with optional paid enhancements like bolding, photos, etc.

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      by John3 on Sat Jun 06, 2009 at 06:36:20 PM PDT

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