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View Diary: GOP talking points on Sotomayor a huge bust (118 comments)

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  •  Notherners Who Moved South (1+ / 0-)
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    Assimilation and the great melting pot was said to be the unique feature that allowed for wave after wave of immigrants to prosper in America. They became American and in turn, enriched our common culture with aspects of their own. I'm wondering about the dynamic or lack of a dynamic in Georgia or Alabama or even Texas. Why is the South so different even with the influx of people from above the Mason Dixon line over the past few decades. Is The American South unlike the rest of the USA? Is it culturally immune from the ideas of it's newer residents? Is it like the "Borg", that required complete compliance and warned,"resistance is futile,you will be assimilated".My own opinion is that the blend of religious fundamentalism and romanticism and resentment over the lost cause of the civil war has kept the South linked to traditions that constrict the influence of those not born and raised in that culture. It is another America , similar in ways but not similar enough.

    •  South Carolina is hopeless (0+ / 0-)

      I live in Greenville, SC the buckle of the Bible Belt and you have no idea how red this state is. No Jewish people, very few catholics (considered liberal), zero diversity save white/black. the problem here is that there are very few white, working class democrats. The party lines almost exactly fall along racial lines. Its interesting. There is no democratic bench and because of the War Between the States, the power of the churches, the albatrosses of abortion and guns, the romanticism of the cause and racial stuff there are almost no white votes here.

      Its hopeless here; better to spend resources in the battleground areas like ohio, PA and california.

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