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View Diary: Gallup: 58% of CONSERVATIVES In FAVOR Of Gays In Military! (69 comments)

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  •  That doesn't even make any sense. (0+ / 0-)

    Clearly the vote prevents nothing.  Had Congress voted for the funding, Gitmo still couldn't close, because the Obama administration has no plan for relocating the detainees.

    And now, even if Obama devises a plan, it won't close because the funding's been denied.

    Saying it makes no difference is idiotic.  That's not even one of your purity statements. It's just dumb.  Stop doing that, or stop trying to "help" your causes.  

    •  Sheesh. (0+ / 0-)

      even if Obama devises a plan, it won't close because the funding's been denied.

      They didn't vote "no funding, now and forever." They voted against one funding proposal and stated that they will take the matter up again as soon as Obama has a plan for relocation of the detainees. In the meantime, the Pentagon reiterated that the vote had no effect on the timeline for closing the facility.

      It's a lousy 80 million bucks, spare change for the DOD. If Congress doesn't expressly fund the costs of closing the facility, they can reallocate the money from something else in their $90+ billion war budget. Or maybe sell some used waterboarding equipment to the CIA.

      Clearly you are either poorly informed on this matter or maybe just an outright troll. Enough already.

      •  You're pretty insulting for an idiot. (0+ / 0-)

        Any vote could be reversed SOME day.  The DADT can be reversed SOME day. But bad strategies and insufficient planning means losing in congress and WAITING for that SOME day way off into the future.  That's why a huge loss and handing republicans, who want to delay that day as long as possible, is not an insignficant thing. Because these delays and opposition don't go away by themselves, and waiting IS the problem.

        Got that?  Waiting is the problem. We all know that SOME day DADT will be reversed.  But idiots like you who are more interested in making enemies and insults will push that day off.

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