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  •  Well, there's another (subtle) benefit.... (4+ / 0-)
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    plf515, winterbanyan, kktlaw, FarWestGirl

    Let's say you're Lorna Leftie running on the Progressive Party ticket in 2012, in this system.  You know you're going to be a minority party.  In the campaign, who are you least likely to antagonize, and who is least likely to want to antagonize you ... President Obama (Democrat with whom you may need to form a coalition), or Mitt Palin (the GOP candidate)?

    Parties who are natural allies - who vote together on many issues anyway - would have less reason to scream at each other during the campaign ... because there's a good chance they'll have to form a coalition after the votes are counted.  There's less incentive for both "purity trolling" and for labeling disagreement as "purity trolling."

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