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  •  "time flows forward" (0+ / 0-)

    or so it seems to us.  But that is not apparent from your "equations of motion", where it is treated as a variable no different from position.

    And position also is "just a scalar" if confined to one (spatial) dimension (in one sense of the word).

    Of course one does "create an axis known as "time"" . . . it is an essential component of any mathematical description of motion.  You can also note that in some restricted views of "reality" it seems always to be "positive", or uni-directional, but that is not a necessary assumption for equations of motion.  Any mathematical description of motion in space/time has of necessity four variables (or "dimensions"), and usually five, regardless whether (or not) it is assumed one (or more) of those dimensions must be somehow constrained for it to map to "reality" as we perceive it.  That there is no apparent "negative time" or no apparent "negative mass" is (perhaps) just an artifact of our (very) parochial view of the universe . . . neither assumption is necesitated by the mathematics.

    If you want to "avoid time as a dimension" perhaps you should try leaving it out of your "equations of motion" . . .

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