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    If you give skilled immigrants the possibility of returning to their countries of origin as part of development projects properly funded, you position would be more plausible because at least you would be sending them to the battlefield with a kniefe but just kicking skilled Third World immigrants expecting the just for the sake of their presence there development will miraculously happen will have only this effect: that person will rotten in frustration.

    That sounds like some kind of neo-colonialism. We educate them here and then they return (entirely of their own free will, not because their visa runs up) to effect the sort of targetted change we think is good? I know that's not your intent. It is a possible result, however. In which country has such a strategy worked anyway?

    Of course, development will not miraculously happen. It will happen through hard work and engagement. It won't happen through dis-engagement. Leaving the country is the ultimate dis-engagement from it's political process.

    Despite the immorality of determining the future of people by the country in which they have been born is that is a Third World country, as if they were things

    Determining the future of people according to their parents? Determining the future of people according to genetics? Determing the future of people according to the century they are born in? That's life. Aboveall, what you're proposing isn't a solution for anyone but an extreme minority. The vast majority are left behind, impovrished for absence of the people their tax money has gone to educate (I'm speaking of educated immigrants from the third world).

    do you think that they staying in the Third World, rotten in frustration, will help those countries, will make of them leaders of a liberal revolution? Of course, not. You will just waste valuable human capital for nothing. Where conditions are more friendly to human capital, like in Chile (South America) or Costa Rica (Central America), just to keep the debate in Latin America, you will see less people interested in emigrating.

    People don't just sit about and "rot," they work to better themselves. Consider how political reform happened in the west - was it spontaneous? No, it happened because a growing middle class pushed for reform and growth.

    At least you can perhaps agree that there are major moral problems when western nations "take" graduates that poor countries spent vast amounts educating?

    I do enjoy this discussion though! It's nice to talk with someone who has obviously thought about this a lot. You're right that most people are just spouting off whatever they happened to have heard.

    You don't make people less extreme by refusing to talk with them...

    by The Progressive Majority on Sat Jun 13, 2009 at 08:38:38 PM PDT

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