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View Diary: Dedicated to Drunk Obama Haters in Israel (219 comments)

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  •  Releasing this video was reckless (5+ / 0-)

    How is this helpful?  Were we really not aware that there is an Israeli right wing?  Or that drunk college kids will stay stupid things?

    This is not illuminative of anything.  It puts forward a distorted view of Israel - the majority of which are willing to accept a two-state solution if it leaves them safe- and especially of Jews.  American Jews supported Obama by a 3-1 margin, probably even higher for young American Jews while this video instead makes it looks like they uniformly despise Obama.

    In putting forward only the worst face and no other, Blumenthal is doing the exact opposite of what Obama was trying to do in his speech: get everyone to see the humanity and positive facets of an "enemy" they previously viewed in a distorted and negative way. How ironic that in trying to expose the enemies of Obama, Blumenthal is the one undermining Obama's wise and noble strategy to create a better climate of mutual tolerance for peace.

    It is inflammatory and, in the same way that haters of Obama tried to use the Wright videos and the leak of his quote about clinging to guns and religion to distort the public's understanding of Obama, this is potential ammo for anti-Semites who want to recruit to their cause and disrupt the peace process.  Any time you've created something that Al Qaeda would be happy you did, you should question what you're doing.

    •  So the videos (7+ / 0-)

      should have never been taken? Never released? Never posted here?

      Just pretend it never happened and doesn't exist?

      Yea real good.

      You don't like it - none of us do. We got that.

      •  It's a question of what you want to DWELL on. (1+ / 0-)
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        If you want to obsess over the rantings of a group of drunks, fine.  I don't.  I would have written it off as "drunks", not published it as if it meant more than that.

        I think that the commenter is right, that the point of the Obama speech was something directly opposite.  Not surprisingly, the criticisms are that it didn't spend enought time making lists of things we don't like and drawing lines.

      •  "Never released?" Exactly (3+ / 0-)

        Just pretend it never happened and doesn't exist?

        The pretending is being done by this video.  Apparently, what we're pretending doesn't exist are American Jews who support Obama and his approach to peace since I don't see them in the video (even though in real world instead of Blumenthal land, they outnumber American Jews opposed to Obama by a huge margin).  And even those I strongly disagree with are probably more articulate and less hateful than the people in this video.

        My point is not that I don't like it but that it's harmful to creating climate of peace and totally contradicts what Obama was trying to do.  Blumenthal doesn't have to what Obama was trying to do, no, but I don't know if he realizes how diametrically opposite his effort was to what Obama was trying to do.  He should.

        •  SO when we have a YouTube of say ... (4+ / 0-)

          a crowd of American Right wingers showing hate towards say ... the Tiller murder. Don't show it?
          Don't release it? It will interrupt the peace process with Right Wing Killers.

          Double standard. That's all you're showing.

          •  You were disappointed McCain didn't use Wright? (1+ / 0-)
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            Futuristic Dreamer

            Because that also existed.  In a way McCain pretended it didn't by not showing it or talking about it in late October, right?  Since you hate double standards, I suppose you think he did the wrong thing.

            These things are case by case.  Showing footage of hateful pro-life people is not going to lead to liberal violence against conservatives.  There is not a decades-long violent war that needs a more positive emotional climate to reverse.

            I'll repeat it.  Who didn't already know that there is an Israeli Right Wing?  That they have their own fanatics?  How exactly is this video constructive to moving forward in stabilizing the Mideast and promoting peace?

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