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    egregious to hate on the President in a foreign country, publicly.  However, I wonder if I'm a hypocrite in the fact that I welcomed Americans abroad criticizing Bush.  It comes down to whether Israel chooses a path that is hostile to American interests, doesn't it?  The Americans in this video are expressing their right to free speech, but it is the context of being abroad in Israel at the time that causes one to pause.

    When does such speech become traitorous? Not until it aids and abets a foreign power that is hostile to American interests....assisting it in making war against the United States.  Would provocative acts on the part of Israel that the United States disagreed with, say, unilaterally bombing Iran break our alliance?  I doubt it, but it would put ex-patriate Americans in a dillemma, and Americans as a whole in the position of defending Israel or allowing Israel to defend itself.

    I dont think such a thing will happen, however.  There are far too many Israelis who agree with withdrawal from the settlements and a two state solution to allow Israel to put itself in that position.

    The next move is really on Israel.  It certainly does not benefit Hamas or Fatah to make more militaristic moves against Israel....but that unfortunately, has not always stopped them from shooting themselves in the foot, and killing Israelis or making defiant symbolic violent gestures that triggers the whole cycle of violence again.  

    The elections in Lebanon, that step away from the brink of militarism and the competitiveness of the elections in Iran give me some hope that Obama has done the right thing, by simply being fair and honest in his approach to both peoples.

    We will see.

    "I aint scared of Al Quaeda, I'm scared of Al Cracker"-Chris Rock...

    by vmm918 on Sun Jun 07, 2009 at 07:11:39 PM PDT

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