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    I'd go with Georgia Pacific products. Georgia Pacific is wholly owned by Koch Industries, which in turn, is controlled by the Koch brothers (Charles and David), two very edgy, very rich, libertarians. (Depending on the metric used, Koch is the 1st or 2nd largest privately held conglomerate in the United States.)

    Koch Industries was originally founded in Texas by Charles and David's father, Fred Koch--a charter member of the John Birch Society--as an oil delivery company, Koch grew into a oil and natural gas delivery, trading and refining business. Eventually, Koch diversified into other extractive and extraction-related industries.

    Koch Industries is a nasty bit of business. Environmentally, they are one of the dirtiest corporations in America. In the 1990's alone, they were responsible for over 300 oil pipeline leaks in five states. In Minnesota they were fined 8 million dollars for discharging oil into streams. Separately, they were indicted by the federal government--97 counts--for lying about a large spill--91 metric tons--of benzene in Texas. As the Clinton years waned, Koch faced civil fines in excess of 300 million dollars and 4 Koch employees faced criminal charges.

    In all, Koch was--and is--a classic demonstration of the profligate and wasty ways of the market. Their practices hint at the kind of excess and abuse that flourishes when regulation is absent or simply moribund. They harken back to those sweet sweet days of the Gilded Age.

    While some of the 97 counts were consolidated by Clinton's Justice Department, after the election of George W. Bush, John Ashcroft's Justice Department agreed to drop the affair after Koch agreed to plead to a lesser charge of falsifying documents and paid a small fine.

    The Kochs have dipped into their river of cash and funded a cohort of interlocking foundations,which in turn fund a large array of conservative groups that share the mission of advocating free-market principles. In doing so, they also serve to provide a veneer of respectability and intellectualism to the bucanneer world of "ideologically sanctioned" greed and corporate criminality. For example, Koch has been deeply involved in the funding of think tanks whose mission has been to slow down consensus-building on global climate change. They are the folks who consistently push the position that evidence is scant--or nonexistant--that human activity contributes to the "natural" process of climate fluctuation or change.

    Koch owns both Georgia-Pacific, a huge lumber and paper concern, and the chemical-fiber giant, Invista (a company that brought you--among other products--Teflon).

    That's right, every time you buy Brawny paper towels you are contributing directly--directly!--to right-wing causes.

    Is that a real poncho, or is that a Sears' poncho? - Frank Zappa

    by JoesGarage on Mon Jun 08, 2009 at 11:37:23 AM PDT

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      ColoTim, JoesGarage, chrome327, freerad

      Re: Koch Industries. Anybody who drives from Minneapolis Minnesota to Rochester Minnesota has had to pass by the huge Koch refinery that's on the way there.

      Big huge smoking pile of crap. Seriously, it's like driving by the entrance to Mordor, or something. You can smell the place miles off before you ever see it.

      And what really cracks me up is, they used to have these big huge "no smoking" signs out front along with "We are proud to be a smoke-free workplace" signs. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

      And no, I HAVEN'T caved and had a cig since last night when I put up the quit smoking diary, thanks for asking. :):)  It really is just coincidence that I happened to think of this when I saw your comment re Koch Industries.

      Yes, if we're going to boycott anybody, they would be a good place to start.

      Really, those wingnuts would do ANYTHING to see Obama fail. Losing must have REALLY hurt hahahah.

      I may have to learn to like popcorn. :):)  It seems like there's going to be ample opportunity to eat some and watch the show.

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