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View Diary: Smacking Down Anti-Choice Terrorists Without Smashing Civil Liberties (137 comments)

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  •  I agree so much with this (15+ / 0-)

    Since Dr. Tiller was killed, Andrew Sullivan has been running reader letters from people who have had late term abortions and they have been extremely eye-opening. They have very nearly even changed his mind on his long-standing belief that these abortions especially were completely indefensible and morally abhorrent. Until I read these letters I had no idea what was really involved or why it happened at all. Now I know and am left wondering why is Kansas the only state in the union where this is even available? This astounds me. Both because it is so widely illegal and that it is Kansas of all places that still allows it.

    Education is absolutely critical. Of course there will be many whose minds are completely closed and will never be persuaded by any facts or information. Those people need to be locked up if they advocate murder. But there is also an urgent need to educate the public about the truth of these tragic situations so that the right to have one when circumstances warrant it must be not only protected but expanded.  

    I grew up during the 70s, so for me abortion was always there, an option, and this right was a 'done deal' -- we took it for granted and we thanked the people who had made us the first generation of women who truly did have a choice about motherhood.  

    I realize that I took this right for granted, and believed that all women in the future would have the same right and freedom. Now that actually feels threatened for the first time, realizing how much 'progress' the anti-choice movement has made. There is a need to mobilize and fight for this, and I agree that relying on Roe is not the best way to ensure it going forward. We need the voters to understand it and then vote for it, and for a government that will enforce the law and lock up those who use terrorism to try to keep us from having the basic right to medical care and and freedom of choice about our own lives.  

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