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View Diary: Obama Flip-Flops on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell,"  Open Administration (333 comments)

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  •  Cooling off does wonders for you. (0+ / 0-)

    You're about halfway to a reasoned disagreement.

    How are you supposed to know? You can't.  But we had a watershed event last year: Prop 8.  The outpouring of emotion, the demonstrations, all that had the effect of laying some cover-fire.  We need to keep that up, we need to keep the pressure on.  There's something to be said for being ready to act the second there's an opening.  

    •  Well, I agree with that. (0+ / 0-)

      But making excuses for Congress when it is clear that they are dragging their feet is not constructive towards that goal. That is not our job. Our job is to tell them that is not acceptable and that we want DADT repealed now. You know this at some level, or you wouldn't be voicing your support for the protests.

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