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  •  6/17: Protest The Indian Offshoring Cabal (0+ / 0-)

    6/17: Protest The Indian Offshoring Cabal (1615 H St. NW)
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    Date: 2009-06-11, 10:47AM EDT

    Has Your Job Been Outsourced Or Have You Been Impacted By Offshoring?

    If you have been impacted by the rampant offshoring and outsourcing of American jobs to Indian workers, now is your chance to be heard.

    The ''Synergies Summit' of United States India Business Council is going to be held on June 17 in Washington D.C. when three of its top officials including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be present. The CEO of WiPro (an Indian I.T. outsourcing company that is resisting calls to hire Americans in this country), Azim Premji, will be there. The summit is likely to spell out the Obama administration's policy for India.

    A "Tea Party"-like protest is being organized by the Pro American Worker organization and your help is needed. We need people in the D.C. area to peacefully assemble and voice their displeasure over the discrimination of American workers by the Indian outsourcing lobby, which has donated millions to Hillary Clinton and other politicians of both parties.

    This "Summit" is being sponsored by United States Chamber of Commerce, an organization that supports the denigration, discrimination, and displacement of American workers.


    Lie down and die, or stand up and fight.


    U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    1615 H St. NW
    Washington, DC

    June 17th
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

       * Location: 1615 H St. NW

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