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View Diary: Employee stumbles across missing FL ballot box (66 comments)

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  •  The truth is... (3.66)
    we haven't had an honest pol in Miami since Claude Pepper...and you remember what happened to him doncha?
    •  I can still see that nose... (none)
      First, I'm gonna tip you for that handle...Did you know my mother? It was her favorite name for people. Also, "Moishe Pupik".

      Secondly, you know that I could have kept this list going, but really, after the bathrobe and the tea container, what else is there to say?

    •  my head shall explode soon (none)
      I really cannot stand this. How many licks does is take to the get to the center of a problematic voting system, and how can we affect the change to fix it?

      Of all the reports surfacing on Florida 2004 Vote of late why can't we get an investigation?

      theorist and proud

      by a lynn on Tue Nov 16, 2004 at 04:45:00 PM PST

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