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  •  yeah (14+ / 0-)

    The state gave businesses a 1.5 billion dollar tax cut and then cut SSI. Now they are getting ready to cut the home health so that more of our people end up in high-cost nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
    The real killer is the $94 they cut from SSI seniors this year to reimburse for medicare part B premiums. Now seniors whose SS is at the SSI level are turning down part b and going straight medi-cal in order to keep their $94.
    A nice joke on the terminater. He saves a few bucks now and has to spend millions in a few months since the state will now be primary payer of those medical bills.

    •  And cut off funding for adult day care programs (12+ / 0-)

      My mom is in late stage Alzheimer's and goes to a day care center in the East Bay. My dad wants to keep my mom at home as long as possible and not place her in a nursing home, but this is only possible thanks to the wonderful day program she goes to M-F. My mom can't be left alone for a minute, and keeping her occupied, clean and safe all day, seven days a week is exhausting, not to mention impossible if you work a full-time job. Thanks to this day program my mom has somewhere to be, where wonderful staff and volunteers surround her and care for her during the week, and thus my dad and I can manage her care mornings, evenings, and weekends. I read a report that, while CA will be saving $75 per day by closing these adult day care programs, they will be spending $150+ a day when all of these people now have to transition from day programs into nursing homes because families will no longer be able to cope with keeping their loved ones at home. Penny wise, pound foolish - and everyone loses. The loved ones, the families, the employees at the day programs who will be losing their jobs, and the state that will be spending even more money.

      •  Start (2+ / 0-)

        checking around early. It can be hard to get a bed for an Alzheimer's pt in a nursing home, especially if they are mobile. They tend to want to leave and require alot of 1:1 monitoring at times to keep them safe.
        And if your mom does wander don't tell the home. I promise unless they have a locked Alzheimer's unit they won't take someone who wanders off. You can alway mention the need for a wander guard after admission papers are signed.
        Good luck.

        •  My mom paces more than wanders (4+ / 0-)
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          TrueBlueMajority, Kewalo, J Rae, ladybug53

          we placed her in a respite care facility for 2 weeks earlier this year when my dad went out of town for a business trip, and that seemed to go pretty well. She walked around all day, would walk down to the end of a hallway with a door, but always turned around before she got to the door. They said she never actually tried to leave the space. I've been talking to my dad about at least starting to look for a place where my mom can go long-term, but he doesn't really want to think about it yet. He's not ready and is determined to manage at home for as long as he possibly can. I keep saying that driving around and looking at places doesn't mean we have to place her any time soon, it just means we're doing research and getting prepared for when that time comes. It's all just so overwhelming, really. Thank you for the well wishes, J Rae!

      •  adult day programs are a Godsend (2+ / 0-)
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        Calamity Jean, Cogito utrum sim

        and there are not enough of them.

        wish they could get some of those "pro life" millions!

        Politics is like driving. To go backward, put it in R. To go forward, put it in D.
        President Obama. Still a thrill to see that in print.

        by TrueBlueMajority on Thu Jun 11, 2009 at 07:44:58 AM PDT

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