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View Diary: Young, Disabled, & both parents dead, he came to ask for help. (253 comments)

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    and lament that we have a society that has marginalized our elderly, infirm, and disabled and a bureaucracy that has, through its complexity, made qualifying for benefits almost out of reach for someone who doesn't have the wherewithall to hire an attorney. And even then applicants for SSI normally have to go through at least one and most times two appeals before they are eventually approved. The process can take up to two years or more to finally get an answer. Who among us can go for up to two years or more with no income or medical benefits. Especially when it's a medical condition that has put you in the predicament.

    I thank God for my negotiated benefits as a UAW member. After 20 years on the job a physical condition has caused me to have a sit-down only work restriction and since there is no work in the plant that meets this, I qualify for negotiated disability benefits and get to keep my health insurance. Even though my doctor has specified that my condition is permanent (barring a miracle) I still have to go back to get it re-certified every three months. Thankfully my health benefits pick up half the tab for this. For me, this is not an undue hardship. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for your friend. We have the moral imperitive to fight as hard as we can for reform in the programs that are supposed to act as a safety net for folks like him. They sure as hell ain't working the way they should.

    It don't take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows --Little Bobby Zimmerman

    by ambeeeant on Thu Jun 11, 2009 at 06:25:03 PM PDT

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