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  •  I worked at the lab at UCLA (7+ / 0-)

    where most of the AIDS samples taken for research in the county were tested.  I did data entry, and my first major chore after I was hired was to change the diagnosis code from GRIDS to AIDS.

    Several people who I thought were friends refused to have anything to do with me for several years, they were that afraid they would catch it - but at work, the worst I ever got was an obscene call from some kid who sounded about thirteen.  

    I thought it was somebody with a sore throat asking for dentistry (one of our phones [the one that rang] had a number one digit off from one of the dental clinics), and when he finally said it loud enough that I knew he was asking me if I knew what cunnilingus was, I said "Yes" and hung up.

    I am infinitely grateful for letting a friend of mine talk me into taking a self-defense course, though.

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