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View Diary: Health Care Series 20090611:  Acetaminophen Concerns (147 comments)

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  •  It sucked when I had to quit! ;-) (3+ / 0-)

    But to give you an idea - my friend with the bad back - and I'm not making this up - was prescribed, each day:

    Three 40 mgs Oxycontins
    Three 80 mgs Oxycontins
    Three 40 mgs Methadone

    He was also prescribed up to eight, 5 mg immediate-release oxycodone pills (not time-released like Oxycontin) for "breakthrough pain" each day.

    I figured this was almost a half a gram of just the oxycodone per day!!

    I'd go visit him though and while he'd occasionally slur his speech a little, other than that, you couldn't tell he was on that many drugs. He even went back to work doing that much. Of course he had a huge tolerance at that point.

    This ain't no party. This ain't no disco. This ain't no foolin' around!

    by Snud on Thu Jun 11, 2009 at 08:26:19 PM PDT

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    •  When I read through all those death reports (2+ / 0-)
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      Snud, Translator

      I noticed that quite a lot of the reports referenced a previous injury requiring pain meds. We found that a lot of folks had initially developed a dependence on prescribed drugs, and switched to heroin because it is cheaper.

      We are seeing a huge increase in kids using prescribed opioids. They don't realize that the drugs they are taking are in fact similiar to heroin. They think they are safe because they find them in Mom's medicine cabinet.

      We have a number of docs in our community who are well known for overprescribing pain meds. And the psychiatrist who comes to the jail has huge numbers of the inmates on Seroquel.

      •  People found out real quick (2+ / 0-)
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        Translator, TheFatLadySings

        that, despite what Perdue Pharma (the manufacturer) claimed, Oxycontin was very addictive, even when taken as prescribed.

        They went on an aggressive marketing campaign and told doctors that it really wasn't addictive at all because it's time-released. Thus there was no quick onset or "rush" when one took it.

        Well... people learned they could crush, snort, inject and even smoke it to get that rush.

        But even if they didn't, it's not just the rush that's addictive. So what if it takes an hour to feel good or 20 seconds - you still want to keep feeling good.

        This ain't no party. This ain't no disco. This ain't no foolin' around!

        by Snud on Thu Jun 11, 2009 at 09:19:37 PM PDT

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