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View Diary: Republican Professional Hacker Disses Diebold Bigtime! (87 comments)

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  •  felons voting by proxy (4.00)
    So Florida won't let ex-felons vote, but trusts them enough to run our elections system.
    •  In Miami-Dade (none)
      we also like to elect them to major politcal offices. It's a tradition, in fact.
      •  The Republican Party (none)
        The party of the criminal elite.

        The question is, why do so many honest Americans not see this or decide to follow them blindly?

        I swear the Rethugs are divided between cultists and organized crime.

        Like soldiers in the winter's night with a vow to defend No retreat baby, no surrender!

        by Pescadero Bill on Wed Nov 17, 2004 at 06:44:10 AM PST

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        •  Yes, but (none)
          if you're talking about Miami politics, you have to figure in the Castro Factor. See, Cubans here hate Kennedy for that Bay of Pigs fiasco. "But that was 40 years ago!", I hear you cry. No matter. They hold a grudge.

          Also, in the 1980s Reagan accepted all of the "wretched refuse" that Castro tossed out of his jails -- making him a near deity in that community. Add a little Reno/Elian to the mix, stir in some good old-fashioned Catholicism and that is why a crooked Republican will always be elected (and sometimes re-elected) over a clean Democrat to office.

          It's wack, really. But if it didn't happen, we'd never be able to enjoy Carl Hiaasen's columns. So you give and take.

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