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    In all of the threads about the ability to hack into the tabulation machines and the lack of paper trail for the voting machines, I haven't seen anyone mention the work done by organizations like TrueMajority to bring this issue to light.

    TrueMajority sponsored a nationwide campaign in late 2003 and early 2004 (in partnership with other organizations that I can't recall at the moment), "The Computer Ate My Vote" to draw attention to the fallibility of the voting computers. Protests were conducted and demands for paper trails were made. The campaign was successful in some areas and I believe it is one of the reasons Ohio didn't actually use voting machines this time around.

    Where I live in Denver, Colorado, there was absolutely no press coverage of the TrueMajority campaign despite a decent sized protest at the Capitol Building. I wonder if others recall this campaign and if it had a positive effect elsewhere or perhaps no effect?

    I've also noticed that TrueMajority has been absent in the activities surrounding a full accounting and investigation into voting irregularities. I've contacted them and heard nothing on the subject. I'm curious if others know why an organization that was so vocal about the potential for fraud prior to the election is now so deafeningly silent on the issue?

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