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View Diary: Republican Professional Hacker Disses Diebold Bigtime! (87 comments)

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  •  Well, why not? (none)
    Shocking, but not, as in: Here we go again!

    BushCo gets IranContra Crooks to run FP, and not in East Jabip, but in the crucial vulnerable area of Mideast ... Christian Fundies like Elliot Abrams, fucks like Negroponte.

    He asks SECRECY-Coup-Meister, Kissinger, to head the 911 'investigation' commission,

    and, last but certainly not least, he managed to tap disgraced former heads of prisons who had been charged, indicted, fired re prisoner abuse to be in charge of prisons in Iraq! (The crimes attached to these dudes were the extreme sort that involved torture and death of prisoners, who were guilty of being mentally disturbed and defenseless, not endangering others.)

    Weeee!!! Being in this movie, ruled by the Fascist Crime Family, is a wild ride, indeedy

    (Lucky for us, our Sherlock Press Corps is putting on the brakes, thank the lawd. Hee Haw. Cant even get the weather report, them news hounds baying about election fraud 24/7. Hee Haw.)

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