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View Diary: BREAKING: Willie Herenton announces against Steve Cohen (47 comments)

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  •  Well, he's not getting elected from any other (5+ / 0-)

    seat, and he's doing fine. Yes, someday Tennessee will have a Black governor. But Memphis is the place where such a person will come from, and right now the leadership just doesn't exist. And it comes down to the person. Better to have a wise white man than a stupid Black man, and this particular Black man is very stupid. Junior was good as a Congressman, and probably should have stayed there. A C Wharton would be great, but I'd rather, if Herenton leaves, he try to get consolidated government. The heritage of Boss Crump is that the Black leadership in this city is corrupt and inept, and that problem won't be solved by putting the most corrupt and inept of them in Congress, it will be solved by raising up a new generation that will know what it is doing.

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