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  •  Did anyone happen to notice the same folks who (0+ / 0-)

    have supplied the ugly rhetoric to push this monster over the edge are the same folks who are dumping on Letterman, and calling for a boycott of his sponsors. They scream "free speech" and then do their best to strip that right from those they don't agree with. Letterman's joke was in bad taste, yes, he apologized for it and extended an olive branch to the Palins. Although they are trying to make it a lot more than what it was, simply a dumb joke. We hear silence or worse yet, blaming others for the actions of a deranged man, who was acting in a climate people like Palin encouraged. I am sorry I can not forget her campaign rhetoric about our President "paling around with terrorists" and her followers shouting, "kill him". I have not then, nor anytime since heard Palin say that was over the top. I didn't see her outraged that shit like that was contributing to the ills of our society.
    I think we and people like Dave Letterman who have this forum should use a moment like this to bring this to the attention of all the American people. Letterman has already said he made a stupid dumb joke, and obviously, the Palins can not accept that, because when they make remarks they mean for those remarks to be taken and used to encourage people to do the unthinkable, like for example try in some way to stop a man from becoming President of the U.S., even if some of those folks think killing him is the only way to do it.
    Sarah Palin talks about a double standard, while she thinks she gets a pass and can also live by this double standard. She can not condem a comedian for saying something she deems to be out of line, and then continue to spew her hate every time she opens her mouth. She, more so than Mr. Letterman, needs to examine what she says, when she accuses President Obama of being a Socialist, and setting the government upon the American people, or as she did in the past accuse him of being a terrorists, or at the very least encouraging terrorists. Letterman was joking, Sarah Palin is dead serious, and words have consequences, and sometimes words can trigger a reaction in a deranged person. I have never seen a joke do the same.

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