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  •  Hey CLL and FOO (13+ / 0-)

    Great tribute to Anne Frank. I will never forget. I don't really have the opinion or the sympathy to the Nuremburg defense in any light, which this is worse, because whomever betrayed the Franks must have known what was going on and there were others like Schindler who saved millions while putting on a good front to follow orders. There are somethings that are unspoken, but true all the same and helping people escape genocide is every human being's duty in this man's opinion. It matters not that it was not against German law at the time. It is a crime against humanity.

    That picture  speaks volumes and it shows how the human spirit can triumph over extreme adversity and shows how people can live and connect with generations upon generations. I'm very thankful that she kept her diary as are many, because we know more about her and the horror. Also that you must keep living because you don't know what will come tomorrow and to smile and enjoy your existence however you can. IN that sense, R.I.P Tim Russert, though I have many problems with his reporting in some ways, he also did a lot of great work and his work showed just how pathetic Tom Brokaw and little stretch are in his absence.(Sorry I have had ti with Brokaw)

    I don't think I can follow that with anything else, so I thank you for your roundup.

    Pro Life??? Conservatives want live babies so they can raise them to be dead soldiers!- George Carlin

    by priceman on Fri Jun 12, 2009 at 07:04:39 PM PDT

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