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  •  Not just summer school (10+ / 0-)

    Parks/Recreation programs were beloved by my kids.  They took summer school classes, joined every sport they could, and were busier in summer than during the school year.

    I can't go along with this diary, sorry.  I see way too many parents asking for this not because of the kids, but because they are working and don't want the kids home - no childcare.  

    I heard this back when my kids were growing up.  Many of the mothers just dreaded school ending for the summer.

    Not me.  I loved when my kids were around.  Further, kids should be kids.  We push them way too hard, way too fast.  

    You want to use school as daycare - fine, then pay the school $500 a week.  Don't think we'd have a problem paying our teachers more money then.

    Yes, I was lucky that I could bring my kids to my job if I wanted to.  And I did, frequently.  

    But I guess that's the issue - you should think of these things before you have kids.  

    I know this sounds hard, but it seems to me that the kids are getting the raw end of way too many deals these days.  

    Silence is the enemy - Green Day 4310+ dead - Bring them home

    by Miss Blue on Sat Jun 13, 2009 at 08:35:28 AM PDT

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