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  •  I don't think I'm getting you. (0+ / 0-)

    I wrote in response to the statement that a longer school year ".. will mean a large pay increase along the lines of an extra 10-15 thousand a yr."

    If I'm understanding that statement correctly, "more pay for more work", in this case, more time for teachers to be in front of the students, doesn't seem like a net benefit to teachers to me.

    •  ? (0+ / 0-)

      What does this mean?

      "I'm skeptical about teachers wanting to work more."

    •  Do you get (1+ / 0-)
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      that teachers already work past 5 pm daily, and weekends, and big chunks of summers, without extra pay?

      •  Yeah, and like I said, I'm talking about (1+ / 0-)
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        time in front of the students, the aspect of the job that brings in the money, not the time planning/preparation and grading. I just do TESOL and I really, really don't want to project my feelings on teachers in public schools. But like all teachers I do a heck of a lot of class planning and, like all teachers, never expected to be paid for it. I'm talking about an increase in time spent dealing with the students in the classroom, which, in my experience, is the most stressful aspect.  

        OK, my original intent when I wrote my original comment was to comment on the dubious claim that teachers would earn 10-15 thousand more a year by, well, working 10-15 thousand dollars worth of hours a year, and the author of that comment seeming to imply that that's a better deal than what is happening now.  I was trying to point out that it's obvious that any job will make more money if you spend more time on the parts that you get paid for. People thinking that more money for more work at the same rate is a good deal- THAT is what I was trying to say I was skeptical of.

        Teachers spend a lot of time on the job which they don't get paid for- yeah, I get that; there was never any incomprehension of that point over here- but my point which I want to be gotten by all who read this is that lengthening the school year isn't going to change that. In addition to giving teachers more paid time in front of the class, it'll also take that much more time for preparation, grading, etc.

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