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  •  Speaking of massive overpopulation (4+ / 0-)

    Skewed Movie Synopsis

    (Lex Luthor - Over-Population Crusader)

    Superman Returns
    Immigrant and Alien, Single Father Kal-El fights against Lex Luthor again. After abandoning his personal and professional responsibilities for 5 years, Kal El returns to find Lex Luthor offering the world a new promised land. Bitter over his own failngs, Kal El circumvents Lex Luthors attempt at redemption by offering massive salvation to the planet. Fighting Luthors attempts to solve overpopulation and unwilling to share his enormous power, Kal El is driven to prevent Luthor from causing 'waves' of 'rapture' on the planet. Critics maintain strongly that Superman should fly around the planet in order to give them back the two hours of time they wasted on viewing this slow unsatisfying story.

    -6.38, -6.21: Lamented and assured to the lights and towns below, Faster than the speed of sound, Faster than we thought we'd go, Beneath the sound of hope...

    by Vayle on Sat Jun 13, 2009 at 10:48:57 AM PDT

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