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View Diary: WA Gov -- curiouser and curiouser (13 comments)

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  •  question (none)
    Is this a different issue than what democrats sued for in King county or is this the same thing?
    •  from what I saw (none)
      It appears to be the same issue as that ruled on by Lum yesterday in KC Superior Ct.
      •  well... (none)
        I am sure that any moment now people here on Dkos will be up in arms because a partisan is trying to play politics and disenfranchise voters.  They will just be outraged that if these poor voters simply lived in a more civilized area with a more reasonable elected official in charge of counting the votes they would not be denied their fundamental right. I am not for nationwide election standards, but having the rules change from county to county just kills me.  I have no idea whether this person is right or whether the judge in King County was right, but it really should be consistent.

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