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View Diary: And so it begins....Church lays down the law. (185 comments)

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    It appears that this policy varies depending on the pastor, and most likely the local bishop.  Perhaps they are trying to score political and PR points by getting their name out in the news. It may also be that these are in dioceses that have been hit particularly hard by the priest abuse scandals and consider this to be a public atonement.

    But in the end, it may just be money.  For the above reasons and others, are these dioceses losing members(and financial support) to local  charismatic, evalgelical "mega-churches"?  That has to be a big part of this.

    As for the whole tax-exempt thing, we might as well forget it.  Like it or not, churches have been used for political purposes since the beginning of time.  Either allow it legally or scrap the tax-exempt ststus.

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