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  •  If you support Vatican II, go Episcopalian (none)
    The Roman church will not reform.  Ever.  Until their pews are empty and (more importantly) their bank accounts are empty.  

    From my (admittedly protestant, non-Episcopalian) viewpoint if you want a Vatican II church, the Episcopalians offer your closest match. You may be able to find the occasional island of sanity in the RC church with the Paulists or Jesuits, but your offerings are still supporting JP II, Ratzinger, and the morally nihilistic American hierarchy.  You're far better off leaving.

    I'm in the United Church of Christ, and many of our folks are refugee Catholics, and we'd love to have you with us...but most of our churches don't offer weekly Communion, so lapsed Catholics are leaving a lot behind to join us.  If you are used to the Catholic worship style and culture, the Episcopalians are likely a better match.

    But the Roman church - please!  It's bankrupt spiritually, and in due course will be bankrupt in every other way if enough folks leave.

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