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  •  Your reference was still correct (none)

    The Anglican Communion has a large presence on four continents of six inhabited continents:  Europe, North American, Africa and Australia.  The Roman Catholic Church has a large presence on all six of them.  So the Roman Catholic Church, in that sense, is still the most ethnically diverse.  

    I probably overstated the magnitude of the ethnic interchange as seen from the Catholic side.  An exchange of two million from each flock would be overwhelming to ECUSA demographics and trivial to Catholic demographics.  If every Anglican in the US were to be confirmed Catholic tomorrow, they would be a treasured blip.  

    (straying off topic)

    One story I heard in formation was how our Presiding Bishop attended Catholic Mass on Saturdays and took Communion.  One of those ex-Anglican Catholic priests found out and raised a stink.

    Meanwhile the Pope saw fit to give Communion to Tony Blair.  One of the surest and saddest signs of the Pope's physical decline is that he doesn't throw right-wing Cathoics into conniptions any more.  Enraging left-wing Catholics has been outsourced to the Curia.  

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