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  •  Yes, it's just a little chess game for dear old (9+ / 0-)

    Rupert, isn't it? And we are all amazed that there is a shred of human decency left at Fox.  They know exactly what they do, I'm sure.  This is very scary, that a huge media outlet is willing to go so far out on a limb with their extremism.  Has this ever happened before?  People I know who watch Fox have become totally irrational, paranoid and contemptuous.  I can't even talk to them never leads anywhere good and the inevitable insults are getting more and more extreme.  I don't feel optimistic.  Anyone have any ideas, besides hand wringing?

    •  Talking about Dear Old Rupert (5+ / 0-)
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       Over at Rich's column the most highly rated comment  as of an hour ago was one that places the blame for the rise of fanatical right wingism and the destruction of our political discourse squarely in the lap of Rupert Murdoch.

        When you think about it, that commenter is entirely correct:  while we all rant and rave about O'Reilly, Hannity, and Beck (my husband made me look at Beck's show for a couple of minutes last night where Beck was reviewing his list of all the things that he had predicted to come true going back to 2004;as John Cole has said,"Beck is batshit insane") and their over the top rantings, the person really responsible is Rupert Murdoch.  I really am uncomfortable with his too large slice of our media.  Perhaps the Fairness Doctrine is a dead issue but media concentration definitely ought to be at the top of the administration and Congress' agenda.

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