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  •  I disagree re KO (7+ / 0-)

    While he has his positives and his negatives, as well as a large ego he frequently indulges, he mostly does so with a sense of humor, irony, and intelligence.

    More importantly, as an opinion journalist, he provides an invaluable service for liberals that we mostly don't get on TV.  He provides point by point refutations of the latest conservative talking points du jour.

    And, two weeks ago, I think he did a really smart thing when he committed to cease all mention of O'Reilly and Fox News in an effort to not provide them any additional legitimacy.  As a result, I think his show is actually better and more watcheable. Rush Limbaugh probably wishes that Ko would afford him the same inattention, but, alas, Ko can't afford to ignore the anointed leader of the GOP!

    •  still I think some of his commentary, not all (1+ / 0-)
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      mjd in florida

      is just K.O. being able to vent for his own benefit. I actually don't approve of what Fox does nor do I approve of what K.O. sometimes does. I guess you could call it my fairness doctrine. I don't think inflaming the public and using your access to the airwaves is ever helpful. The difference between us and them, is they are stupid, and think what they hear is scripture, we on the other hand can take it for what it is and accesse it for ourselves. Neither side needs it. Their side uses the mindset, if they say it on t.v. it is true. Far too many uneducated fans of Fox beleive what they say to be true, and none will ever watch the other side of the debate on K.O. so it is wasted on those with like thinking. I just don't think any of it is necessary, nor helpful in the social climate of today.

    •  I'm wondering if he is threatened by Rachel. (0+ / 0-)

      It seems that she has not diverged from topics lately ... gay marriage, sotomayor, torture.  I wonder if they divide the turf and Keith gets first dibs.

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