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View Diary: Frank Rich on Fox's Shepard Smith (263 comments)

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  •  There are not too many in his line of (5+ / 0-)

    work who don't lack the courage of their convictions. They get paid the big buck for walking the corporate line. Just think back to the way these jerks slammed Gore in the lead up to 2000. Even those at MSNBC, who were getting their marching orders from Jack Welsh, an ardent Bush supporter. I also didn't hear too many at MSNBC rake Rick Santelli over the coals with his "Are you listening Presdient Obama" rant. They all walk the coporate line, their livelihood depends upon it. The big money they get paid and the renewal of their contact buys lots of things, loyalty to the one who is paying their salary, and somehow it tends to make them desert the courage of their convictions, Mathewes is only one of many, he can not hide it as well as the others, so don't be fooled, those you see on t.v. getting paid the big bucks have all sold out somewhere along the line.

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