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    On the trip from which there pix were shot, I was toward the end of a 13-month long journey. Not a typo; 58 weeks or so.

    I try to take longer trips and always use public transit when I travel. As a bonus, the local transport is also the cheapest option and that suits me just fine. I'm not wealthy by any stretch. My budget is under $500/month most times.

    I even go as far as to walk with my full gear to and from the bus /train stations. Many backpackers (a.k.a. "tourists") almost never carry their bags. It's only to get their gear from one fossil-fuel mobile to another. Not so with me. The Tibet diary in this series I think talks a bit about my walking with 50-60lbs of gear at high altitude. And yes, it's fun.

    I admire the sacrifice you might make by not traveling to reduce your carbon footprint. But I wonder if it's also used as an excuse by some to skip doing something they truly dream about doing.Fear is the reason people don't travel 99% of the time, IMHO. Amongst those who can afford it anyway...


    Dick Cheney rhymes with "sick meanie." Pass it on.

    by LaughingPlanet on Sun Jun 14, 2009 at 11:56:25 PM PDT

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      Certainly not me. There's lots of things I could be doing (and therefore should be doing) to reduce my carbon footprint, or otherwise aid some aspect of the total sustainability crisis, but that I don't do, at least not yet. Some of these things-I'm-not-doing are pretty significant, like living a modern American lifestyle in a beautiful rural area. There's a very high level of environmental and sustainability consciousness around here, and very liberal political attitudes generally. But let's face it: if you live a modern American lifestyle in a beautiful rural setting, you wind up doing a lot of driving. So when I say I'm not perfect, that ain't just rhetoric.

      What I want to say now is, we progressives need to be aware that our love of travel entails a high carbon cost. And some of us travel a lot.

      I appreciate that your travel habits, as described, involve a lot of walking, taking local transit, etc. Maybe the most efficient aspect of your travel style is that it's a 13-month trip, which I assume means that once you crossed the ocean, you went to a lot of places without returning to the US in between. If so, then your ratio of places visited (or days spent in those places) per gallon of jet fuel consumed must be a lot better than if you took a bunch of separate trips.

      Some of my liberal friends, who have the financial means, just seem to always be jumping on a jet to go somewhere far away. I'm thinking of one in particular who has gone to Italy, New York, Madagascar, Venezuela, all in the last 8 months or so, all just for fun, always returning home before taking off again. If you sampled the entire group of my friends and family, you'd find a tremendous amount of traveling. Ireland, Argentina, China, Israel, Hawaii. Cross country to see family for a week. Cross country again to go fishing for a week. Mexico to lie on the beach for a week. New York for a play, a concert, couple of restaurants. New England for the autumn foliage. New Orleans for the jazz festival. Australia, Peru, Prague, Alaska, Istanbul... it never stops.

      Jeez, people, how long you think we can keep doing this? Maybe we could just slow it down a little bit. Maybe take one big trip every couple years, instead of two or three big trips every year.

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