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  •  But how you think of yourself (1+ / 0-)
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    is shaped mostly by how the rest of society thinks of you and treats you.

    And once in a while, someone can change their self-image/self-presentation to change social categories, which is "passing."  Or social mobility.  Or something.

    That's a lot of why I think discussions like this are important.  I can jokingly talk about being of Appalachian-American descent, as if "very poor rural White" were a non-White ethnicity.  And in some ways, it might legitimately be just that.

    However, by changing my accent, clothing, and peer group, and distancing myself from my family of origin, I can place myself smack in the middle of normative Whiteness.

    The kids I went to elementary school with who were visibly racialized don't have that option.  Same socioeconomic and geographic origin, and honestly some extended family genetic intermixing on the edges, but totally different life chances.

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