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  •  I think people are afraid of being wrong. (1+ / 0-)
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    It's such a touchy area, and White privilege means White commenters typically won't have the vocabulary or background knowledge for respectful conversations on race.

    I'm working on it, myself.

    It seems that one of the cultural characteristics of "Whiteness" is a horror of losing face in front of racialized others.  I think that's part of the deep reluctance on the part of Anglo-Americans to learn other languages-- you can't learn it without speaking it, and you're going to mispronounce and make grammatical errors a lot at first.  The discomfort of brown people laughing at you feels intolerable to people with White privilege.

    •  Yeah, I agree that's important (0+ / 0-)

      I'm in Minnesota and if I went to the East Coast I'd be unsure of myself in certain social situations I guess. Same if I went to the deep south. So distance and social isolation are factors.

      I've never in my life needed to use a foreign language. Growing up and virtually all my adult life I rarely even heard anything other than English used. It's only very recently, by that I mean the past ten years, that I've been around other ethnicities.

      My high school graduating class was 600 and there was one black kid, just the one.

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