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View Diary: condescending, self-righteous bicycle commuting plea (91 comments)

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  •  Sorry, I walk and I hate the bikers in my city (3+ / 0-)
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    myrealname, golconda2, slowheels2

    As a pedestrian I assume that cars are going to run redlights.  And they do, but generally if they are slowing down they stop and once the first car stops in a lane you know you are safe to walk.

    Not the cyclists.  They dart out from between cars after stopping but before the light turns green.  And they are all completely delusional about how wide their bicycles are as they try to weave between pedestrians crossing the street.

    Fuck it.  I have been hit twice by cyclists while crossing in a crosswalk with a walk signal.  I hate the bicyclists in my city.  With a passion.  If the rest of the bicyclists in this city weren't morons out to injure people I might consider getting a bike to cut down on my half hour commute but no way now.

    If you are going to bike you should follow the laws and not go around injuring people because you can't wait thirty seconds until the light changes.  And I don't use any gasoline either.

    •  Cyclist running lights... (3+ / 0-)
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      pHunbalanced, myrealname, letsgetreal

      Yep, wrong, and bad. The only justification for it is to clear the intersection to avoid getting hit by a car from behind.

      If you are commuting in a city, you HAVE to take a commuter's attitude. Cars are dangerous, and PEDESTRIANS are dangerous.

      Be prepare for a walker to step off the curb into your path. The same person who would never  walk into the path of a truck will usually ignore that YOU are going 12 miles per hour, and will likely be hurt trying to avoid the precious pedestrian.

      So, put the road bike and lycra away. Don't use cleats. Get a bell, and lights, and slow down.

      •  If you've got a bike commute of 15 miles or more (0+ / 0-)

        your advice is simply silly. Put away the road bike? And turn a 45 minute 15 mile commute into a 1:15 commute? That's just stupid.

        Don't properly dress for cycling? What is it about lycra you don't like? Is it because "it looks gay"? (the usual rejoinder...)

        How very tolerant of you.

    •  Those are valid complaints (3+ / 0-)
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      pHunbalanced, dotalbon, miss SPED

      I hate seeing bikers ignore traffic rules.  When you are on the road on a bike, you should follow the same traffic rules as a car.  In many places, bikers are not allowed to ride on sidewalks for the reasons you list.

      •  I'll second that (1+ / 0-)
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        The more bikes I see on our local streets, the more flagrant violations of driving rules.  Cyclists only sometimes stop for a traffic light, almost never for a stop sign.  They rarely give pedestrians the right-of-way, don't use hand signals, and weave in and out of traffic even when there's a dedicated bike lane.  

        Sorry, but in my mind the majority of bicyclists are not competent or careful enough to share the road with cars or anyone else.  

        Randall Terry is an accomplice to murder.

        by dotalbon on Mon Jun 15, 2009 at 08:29:48 AM PDT

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        •  i read someplace (1+ / 0-)
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          that in five states [and it's being considered in a few others] they've made it legal for bikes to do a 'rolling stop' at a stop sign.
          that's one of those items where your perspective as a rider is a lot different.

        •  Forme, your bs is just another form of (0+ / 0-)

          hating on people different than you.

          Please see kos himself on the subject, scroll down to the bottom and you'll see that what you consider incompetent or careless cycling is simply proper cycling, if you've ever used a bike for transportation you'd understand, but you haven't so you don't. What you call "flagrant violations" are increasingly being legalised by places which understand cycling far better than you do.

          And yes, we weave in and out of traffic to turn left, or in a traffic jam, and so forth. That's also our right.

          Your post isn't a whole lot better than a right-wing anti-gay screed, also hating on people different than them.  

      •  In many places, the rules of the road (0+ / 0-)

        are explicitly more tolerant of bicycles running stop signs and, in certain conditions, red lights.

        Kos himself has blogged on this (scroll to the bottom).

        Educate yourself, and put yourself in a cyclist's shoes if you expect a cyclist to put himself in yours.

    •  As a cyclist, I also know that (0+ / 0-)

      jaywalkers are among the more dangerous hazards there are out there, but I don't make it a point of teeing of on all pedestrians because a significant majority of them also break the law.

      •  the way it is here (0+ / 0-)

        you'd never get anyplace on foot without jaywalking.  lights six blocks apart?  so if i'm going across the street i'm supposed to walk three blocks down, and three blocks back just so i can walk across the road between two painted lines, after waiting awhile?  and regardless of whether the car traffic is heavy, or if there are no cars in sight?  if you're not in a car, none of it makes any sense.

        •  Oh, I know. But again, none of us (0+ / 0-)

          ever complains about pedestrians technically breaking the law even when there are good reasons for doing so.

          On the other hand, in the US, once you start talking about those gay-looking cyclists on the road, the haters come out, with the usual stuff, like these pedestrian complaints. There's truth to them, but in general it's just another excuse to hate on people that are different than they are.

      •  I was in a cross walk with a walk signal (0+ / 0-)

        both times.

        How exactly are pedestrians a danger to cyclists?  Cyclists have the big metal things... not pedestrians.  Neither cyclist that hit me had any injury at all.

        Most pedestrians are made up of nice soft flesh without any metal reinforcement or padding or a helmet.  I am confused as to how exactly a pedestrian is a danger to a cyclist in a way that a pedestrian isn't a danger to other pedestrians.

        •  Well, you were clearly in the presence of an ass. (0+ / 0-)

          And I've seen what you are saying and agree, they were asses.

          I've also see pedestrians who are complete asses on the road with respect to cyclists, in fact one which made a point of hurling himself and his large dog into a crosswalk in front of a friend of mine, who was going in excess of 25 mph (training on a parkway on his time trial bike in the early morning, before traffic) and had no time to stop. Not at a stop sign, but one of those mid-block crosswalks which some pedestrians expect the world to stop on a dime while they cross. Problem is, a bike traveling 25 mph can't stop on a dime. My friend broke his hip when he hit the pavement, went to the hospital, had to have screws inserted and missed a whole racing season. And that's just the most egregious story

          A pedestrian is a danger to a cyclist a little more than the contrary because when you are clipped in, you go down and you are basically falling 4-6 feet (with forward motion) onto the very hard surface that pavement tends to be, and a lot faster, generally, than the pedestrian.

          Of course, you'll never hear me complain about jaywalking pedestrians whenever there is a discussion of walking. And yet, when there is a discussion of cycling, you know, your story (and others) thend to come out of the woodwork as if they were rules from on high. And, frankly, it gets tiresome.

          •  I never said all cyclists were asses. (1+ / 0-)
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            Just the ones in the city where I currently live.  I tried calling police on one of them and they just laughed at me.  Nobody seems to care what the bicyclists do but you do get ticketed for jaywalking where I am.  Probably because it can easily be fatal.  

            I have lived other places where they actually stopped at stoplights and stuff but not here.  I've never seen a mid-block cross walk and frankly they would scare me to death since cross walks at stoplights here aren't safe until about 15 seconds after the light turns red (from both cars and bikes, but those bikes don't bother me since they are going with the traffic).

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