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View Diary: condescending, self-righteous bicycle commuting plea (91 comments)

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    It is delusional to think biking is not dangerous in certain common situations.

    I did not say it was always dangerous.

    Some places have been designed to be bike friendly. Other places may be not only hazardous, but downright treacherous. Two lane roads with high traffic going at fast speeds, with uneven surfaces, no shoulders with steep drop-offs etc. are places it would be advisable to avoid.

    I never said you should not bike to work; You are putting words in my mouth I did not say.

    I would never tell someone not to do something they love. I would tell a person to know the risks before accepting them and to do everything possible to lower the risks. I would also tell them to recognize the possibility (not probability) that they might be unlucky and plan accordingly.

    You say that I said:

    Then you say "No, I was saying that cycling is dangerous",

    You misquote me. I said:

    I did not say driving was not dangerous.  

    You say:

    This does assume you don't ride like an idiot of course.

    The problem is that there are lots folks driving (cars and trucks) like idiots and they are bigger than you.

    My husband was riding safely and sanely when the woman in a new Cadillac turned square in front of him. He threw the bike aside and went headfirst into her hood with his helmet leaving a gigantic dent.

    She was furious  at what he had done to her new car. She told him she was going to sue him for damaging her car. Folks at the scene shut her up. She could have killed a cyclist, but all she could think about was the dent in her car.


    That was the point he decided there were too many crazy folks out there and that he was very very lucky to be alive. If he were a cat, he would have used up one of his nine lives. Since he wasn't a cat, he felt he had gotten his warning that the next time he might not be as lucky .

    He now swims everyday at the nearby  natatorium.  It is healthy, isn't dangerous and he doesn't eat car exhaust.

    Other people entertain themselves by skiing, surfing, skydiving, drinking, drugs, casual sex, paintball, and any number of other activities that are far more dangerous than a casual bike to work, yet they don't receive this same level of crazy judgement.

    This diary was not about these things. If it had been I might have commented on them. For the record since you brought them up, I  judge that they are dangerous.

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