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  •  Question, Frank: (13+ / 0-)

    Thanks very much for this, as simple and clear-headed an analysis of the major players and their positions as I have yet to come across.

    I'd like to hear, though, the basis for your support of Moussavi. (I assume that it may be pragmatic, not based in unbridled enthusiasm for him.) I remember reading last week that when in power before he had presided over one of the worst periods of repression since the revolution began. Is that true?  

    And since you--laudably--note what Ahmedinejad represents for many poor people, how might Moussavi, once in power, tend to address their real needs? My heart tends to be with them, in some ways, more than with the Calvin Klein-wearing N. Tehran crowd.

    As a side note I always think that it should be mentioned that if the CIA had not helped Savak imprison and kill thousands (tens of thousands?) of progressives the progressive alternative might be much more highly developed in Iran now. That involves many what ifs, but clearly is important. . .  

    Why are we on this side so much like the other side when it comes to tribe loyalty? Nada Lemming

    by Matthew Detroit on Mon Jun 15, 2009 at 09:11:42 AM PDT

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