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  •  Thank you for a slow and measured analysis (6+ / 0-)

    We need to get away from the good guys- bad guys theme as you say. We must remember that hasty words and deeds from foreign governments consistently make things worse in the Middle East. Sanctions were helpful in South Africa (which still has massive problems) because the culture and rules of thought there were mostly Western and nobody feared that the US or its allies was about to bomb South Africa. There was no religious war mythology.

    Our government had no contingency plans for the 9/11 attacks and proceeded to make a complex situation much worse. Congress abdicated its responsibility and added nothing positive. Let's wait and see and remember that Mousavi, although preferable to Ahmadinejad, offers little help to the Iranian rural poor. Mousavi/Obama is much better than the bellicose Ahmadinejad/Bush but both men will require steady pressure to resist the powerful military influences in their country, and it’s too soon to tell what will emerge from the discontinuities in the US and Iran.

    Power corrupts. Power + theocratic support is even more corrupting. The theocratic support in our country comes from American exceptionalism, the idea that we don’t need to follow the rules that we try to impose on others.

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