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View Diary: In Tehran, Riot Police Standing Down (294 comments)

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  •  My feelings precisely. That they (15+ / 0-)

    openly stole the votes and tried to shove it down the opposition's throat after the massive crowds we saw prior to the elections, have shown them to be blatantly dishonest in the people's eyes.

    That they would claim 62 percent of the votes with a straight face and not think anyone would cry foul, also showed how much they underestimated the  outrage we are seeing being displayed. And I think they were totally unprepared for this kind of response. That's why they're trying to regroup.

    Again, I don't think any of this will change the outcome here, but I do believe that this act has stirred up something in the Iranian people that will not disappear anytime soon.  

    In the face of mounting protest, the establishment blinked, which makes them look weak, even if they have something diabolical planned for later. A layer has been peeled off thier armour. Hopefully it is a beginning that will eventually strip them   down to the bare bones.

    Again, one can only hope.

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